Manual Handling training courses are delivered at a reasonable rate, in a friendly, professional atmosphere, nationwide. Our courses may be delivered at our clients premises, at our own premises based in the North East or if the client does not have appropriate facilities we can arrange an alternative venue, for example a local community centre, GAA hall or hotel. 

We are always happy to talk and discuss arrangements to help our clients meet their legal requirement in delivering Manual handling training. 

Courses are also available to members of the public. It is a great bonus to present for a job with an up to date Manual Handling certificate attached to your C.V.

Our Instructors are experienced Fetac level 6 Manual Handling Instructor.
I start off every Manual Handling Course I deliver by asking attendees what they thought of having to do Manual Handling Training, and most people see it as some man coming in to show us how to lift a box and it is a waste of time. I will then explain that if they still feel that way by the end of my course then I will not have done my job properly. When you take my course you will see what I bring to the course to make you feel it has been a worth while experience. 

 - Experienced Fetac Level 6 Manual Handling Instructor. 
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